WOODMADE began operating from the early 19th century. Today spreading its branches in the 21st as a healthy, robust and dynamic organization that invests in its history, the public confidence, skills, the mood and aspirations of its people and puts forward a plan initiatives that will make it one of the leading companies in Greece.

Born in 1910 in a simple carpenter who had as founder and “soul” Velentza Othonas craftsman who specialized in carved furniture and paints, working with passion and imagination and with great diligence which met by someone in the laboratories of the time.

We matured in 1960 when Dimitris Velentzas takes the baton from Otto and opens the cycle of work with upstream steps. Twenty years later, the carpenter of Trion Navarhon moved in a private building in Paralia of Patras and in 1985 the reins assumes the grandson and namesake of the founder. The Othonas Velentzas name will be heard before the business.

The time for the jump comes in 2004, when the company was made gigantic. Acquires modern facilities, in an area of 6,000 square meters, is enhanced with the most advanced international and domestic technology and develop high quality products, expanding the circle of references, is active in import and marketing of building equipment, enters partnerships with hotels and chain stores, leisure businesses, hospitals and pharmacies.

Today the company Woodmade has clientele spread across Greece and the wider Balkan region and collaborates with the most prestigious Italian houses. Now plans new investment initiatives to the shield and the more gigantic.

Look to the future with optimism, with our strength wind that comes from the past experience of so many years, and following with modern means modern times.